How To Stop Snoring And Sleep Better

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Snoring! What is it?

Snoring is a very common sleep problem that may impact many persons at any time, although it happens much more often in men of all ages and persons who have weight problems. Snoring has a inclination to get worse as we grow older. 45 % of people snore sometimes, when Twenty five percent  are considered regular snorers.

Periodic snoring is commonly not really critical and is also mainly an annoyance to the sleep companion of the people who snores. Even so, the regular snorer not just disturbs the sleep patterns of people near to him, he also disturbs his own. Regular snorers snore every time they sleep and are often tired after a night of what feels like excellent rest. Medical attention is normally required for chronic snorers to obtain a great nights sleep.

Snoring is called as a sound due to vibrations from the airways of the respiratory system that just appears during sleep. The important this is that primarily muscle groups that are relaxed may lead up to snoring. Whilst we're sleeping all of our voluntary muscles come in a relaxed state.

In add-on to muscle groups becoming relaxed, the tissues based in the throat also plays a function in the eventual result of vibrating noises. Additional tissue shows a more narrow passage and the more narrow the passage the  loud snoring becomes, since there is much more area for friction.

Another variable which decides the volume of snores is the power at which wind goes through the air passages. The faster the oxygen moves from your air passages, the greater resonant and and noisy snores become.

What Causes Snoring?

Before knowing what causes snoring, it’s very important to know what snoring really is! Simply, snoring can be said as the production of rattle / annoying sounds while sleeping.

Most people snore while sleeping; however, they are unaware of the fact that they snore. The reality is that a snorer doesn’t even know he is snoring, as they are in a deep sleep, they only find out about their snoring when their partner who is sleeping close by tells them.

Some people think that snoring is a habit, while some believe that a person snores when he is in a deep sleep; however, both facts are somewhat true. Scientists and doctors have conducted different studies to know the actual cause of snoring, and their analysis shows that snoring is most commonly caused by the fatty tissues that obstruct the airways while a person is sleeping.

The obstructed airways allow the air to hit the throat thus making a snoring voice. Another reason for snoring could be that the tongue is obstructing the passage of air in the snorer’s nasal area.

This tongue obstruction occurs when you are sleeping on your back; however, it is considered to be the most relaxing and comfortable sleeping position. To avoid snoring it is suggested to sleep on your stomach or preferably on your side.

If you can’t resist sleeping on your back and but still want to avoid snoring, then you should have your head a little higher than usual before sleeping so that you can stop the fatty tissues from getting in the way when you breath.

One of the temporary reasons for what causes snoring is that a person’s weight has increased tremendously, which gives them more fats, hence increasing the probability of snoring. After reading this, some people might say that snoring is a disease that is somehow related to obesity.

Snoring itself is not a disease either it causes no real kind of harm to the snorer, unless it develops into apnea where it becomes much more serious. Therefore, most of the people try to avoid this habit of snoring while sleeping and hence try different methods and techniques to overcome this issue.

Snoring can be avoided by having proper exercises, as they help to burn the calories of a person hence eliminating the possibilities of snores; however such workouts are also beneficial for stress relieving, as sometimes additional stress also causes snores to occur.

Consumption of Alcohol, Cigars and Cigarettes might be the cause of snoring as well, as these chemical components also affect your ability and reaction of or your senses. Irritation in the throat might also be the cause of this problem.

However, we can say that what causes snoring varies from one person to another, as everyone has different problems. Therefore, they might have different reasons for snoring while sleeping. Therefore, it is highly recommended that a person should know the reason they snore, before seeking any kind of treatment, as it might it may be harmful, to start a treatment for snoring without knowing the actual reason for it.

Health Dangers of Snoring!

Regular snorers can be in danger of really serious health problems. Obstructive sleep apnea is an disease that's frequently associated with persistent snoring. This disorder produces various difficulties, such as:

1. Lengthy disruptions of breathing (more than ten seconds) while asleep brought on by incomplete or complete blockage or congestion of the airway. Critical situation may have full obstruction episodes  100 of times per night time.

2. Regular waking up from sleep, although she or he might not understand it.

3. Snorers with obstructive sleep apnea sleep lightly to attempt to hold their throat muscle groups tense sufficient to keep air flow.

4. Blood oxygen levels can be frequently lowered, that leads to the heart to function more difficult and blood pressure to increase. The result is a bad nights rest, which leads to sleepiness throughout the day and can hinder the people quality lifestyle. Prolonged suffering from blocked sleep apnea can lead to higher blood pressure level and could cause growth of the heart, with higher risks of heart attack and heart stroke.

5. The stress of not getting enough fresh air causes the body to make adrenalin, a chemical substance that assists the body fight and cope with nerve-racking conditions. Adrenalin also causes blood pressure to rise, which may eventually lead to diabetes.

Snoring Aids and Remedies

chin strap
There are many snore aid products that claim to work, yet many have not benefited from them. There are a few that can temporarily aid the problem. The stop snoring devices available in stores over the counter will have to either be worn or used every night. Pillows that elevate your head to open your airways are also known to be somewhat beneficial.

Snoring Aids available over the counter:

• There are Chin Straps (also called Jaw Supporters) that wrap around your head to keep your mouth closed and your airways open. While these may partially stop snoring, they tend to be uncomfortable and unsightly.

• Nasal Strips are thin pieces of tape that pull the exterior of your nostrils open in order to keep your nasal airways open and help you to stop snoring. These are also known to be effective for the people who snore because of a stuffy or clogged nose.

• Pillow Wedges are designed to keep you off your back and sleeping on your side for those that snore mainly or mostly when lying on their back.

• Snore Reducing Pillows  are for those that must or prefer to sleep on their back; this pillow will keep tour head elevated to keep your airways opened and allow for better breathing and therefore snore relief.

• Nasal Sprays will keep the nasal passages moist and could be used for those who are stuffy. This may need to be reapplied throughout the night.

• Nasal Decongestants  should not be used as a long term snore aid, but could be used if your snoring problem is only when you are stuffy or congested, from say a cold.

• Mouthpieces  temporarily move around the anatomy of your mouth so that the back of the front jaw is moved forward as not to touch the back of the throat, which is a main cause for most snorers. These tend to be uncomfortable and also unsightly.

• Vaporizers or Steam Inhalers release steam to lessen congestion therefore reducing snoring from those that are stuffy or congested. These can be one of the best natural snoring remedies available.

• Nasal Expanders will keep the nasal passages opened up to aid in better breathing.

Successful Surgical Methods That Help Stop Snoring

When all other methods have failed to help stop snoring, resorting to surgery maybe the only choice left to the snorer. This is especially true when snoring is particularly severe and persistent. Here, in this article you will find exhaustive information about various types of surgical methods implemented to treat snoring, along with their respective pros and cons.

Laser Therapy

In this method, the soft tissues that generate the snoring sound are trimmed down using laser rays. Pros and Cons:85 % of the patients report successful cure of their snoring with this procedure. But the process is quite painful and may also be accompanied by other side effects like bleeding through the nose, altered tone of the voice, debility of the muscles of the naso-pharyngeal area (which causes ingested food and liquids to return back through the nose). 15 % of the patients can suffer from snoring even after going through all these troubles, and getting the laser therapy done.


Another surgical option to help stop snoring is Somnoplasty. This method uses low power radio frequency rays as a replacement for laser rays. Here there is no trimming or cutting away of any tissue. The fundamental approach applied here is to utilize radio frequency waves to accomplish stiffening of uvula and soft palate.
Pros and Cons of Somnoplasty:
This is an OPD process and does not call for any overnight admission in the hospital; but it takes almost 6-8 weeks for complete recovery. When compared to the laser therapy, Somnoplasty appears to be less painful, but it is not entirely trouble free and will necessitate repeated visits to the surgeon.

Injection Snoreplasty

The modus operandi used in Injection Snoreplasty is almost similar to radio wave treatment in Somnoplasty, as it involves creating trauma to the internal soft tissues like uvula and soft palate. But in Snoreplasty, the agent used to inflict trauma is a chemical sclerosing compound called as Sotradecol. Repeated infliction of such trauma leads to scar formation and eventual hardening of the soft tissues and thus they are prevented from flapping any more and thus stop snoring.

Pros and Cons of Snoreplasty:This is also an Out patient procedure and can be executed during a routine consultation with Otolaryngologist. The cons are almost similar to Snoreplasty, and require numerous visits to the surgeon; once in every 6-8 weeks.

Pillar procedure

This is a comparatively advanced surgical method to treat snoring and involves the creation of artificial pillars within the nasal cavity. The basic function of any pillar is to offer support, and that is precisely what the artificial pillar implants offer to the soft palate. There are 3 pillar implants that are fixed within the nasal cavity and each one of them is around 18 mm in length.

Pros and Cons of Pillar procedure:
The best part about this method is that it is absolutely painless and trouble free. But the flip side is that it can only help stop snoring that is due to weakness of the soft tissues and offers no improvement in snoring due to other causes.

Snoring Spray

stop snore
Why use a snoring spray?

Like other health issues, snoring causes reasonable concern to the sufferer. Few people are comfortable sleeping in the same bed or in the same room with a snorer, because of the distraction it causes.

There are different reasons why people snore; prominent among the reasons are overweight, old age, and drunkenness among others. Snoring occurs when the muscles in the neck and the throat region becomes to lose and in the process causes constriction of the airway.

As a result there is some constriction of the inhaled air which is forced out through a small passage and creates a snoring vibration in the process.

One solution to snoring is application of a snoring oral spray. Anti snoring oral sprays come in different types, generally there are two major broad categories and they include the nasal and oral spray.

The first approach to finding the best snoring oral spray is to discover the cause of snoring. The patient can consult a physician. The doctor is in a better position to know the cause of snoring and prescribe the appropriate spray.

There are different types of anti snoring oral spray and the effectiveness of a particular brand is dependent on the type of snoring problem one is suffering from. For instance, it could be unworkable to apply an anti snoring oral spray meant for nasal congestion to a snoring problem associated with loose tissue of the mouth, or a snoring problem that is associated with tongue or jaw.

As said earlier the anti snoring spray is categorized into two broad categories. Nasal anti snoring oral sprays work in two different ways: it lubricates the nasal with oil; it also stops snoring by clearing the nasal passage of congestion.

The nasal anti snoring oral spray which works by lubricating the nasal passages include the peppermint, coconut and olive oil; all of them are oil products. However, they have some side effects. The simple lubrication oil will not provide the solution for severe congestion.

There are other types of nasal anti snoring sprays, which works in a different way. There are some that stop both the swelling and the inflammation of the nasal passages. These types of sprays are different from the types that are used to treat allergies and colds. Some also use only natural ingredients.

The other category of anti snoring spray is not administered through the mouth. This type is called anti snoring oral spray. These brands are disparate from the nasal anti snoring stray because the method of application is quite different. They also work in their unique ways to stop snoring. It either lengthens the loose tissue, lubricates the esophagus with oils.

Anti-snoring oral spray can be purchased at pharmaceutical stores worldwide. It is recommended that the doctor should prescribe the type to be used before purchase; this will help to get the most appropriate product.

Natural Snoring Remedy

stop snoring
Snoring is a very chafing noise we could say, that is produced while a person is asleep. The number of people who snore is on the increase, this could be due to more people being overweight, over stressed and under exercised.

Of course there are a myriad of other reasons too. Almost one third of the current generation, especially the adult population suffers from this annoying sound. Even though it snoring has no real medical significance, it becomes a problem when it causes disturbances to the family relationships, especially to the spouses..

Snoring is caused due to the forceful airflow through the tracheal tract which results in the vibration of the tissues at your nostrils and throat. There are many anti snoring devices available on the market now days through many of them are relatively ineffective.

It could be worth investigating natural snoring remedies these remedies are help to control snoring. When we think of natural snoring remedies we should, first of all, focus on the real cause of snoring. Snoring can be the result of several conditions.

It includes, obesity, lack of exercise, obstructed airway tract, sleeping patterns, etc. So the first natural snoring remedy for the obese people is to reduce their weight. This alone is very effective in the fight to stop snoring.

Another major cause for snoring is stress. Be in a good and calm mood before you go to bed. Now what about exercises? It’s a proven fact that regular exercise is good for us, and the healthier we are the less chances, there is for snoring.

Another natural snoring remedy is to sleep on your side as it will aid in reducing the compression on the air passage and will help to prevent the collapse of the airway.

A propped up position can also help reduce snoring this in itself is a natural snoring remedy, along with the use of thick pillows of course. Over eating before bed is a bad idea. A full stomach may push the diaphragm and will hamper the free air flow via the throat.

Tennis ball trick can also be considered as another good snoring remedy. This is very simple having a pocket in the back of your night shirt in which you place a small ball. This will prevent the person rolling onto their back and maintain a side position.

Avoid alcohol and smoking because these are known to increase the chance of snoring. Reduce the amount of fat products and dairy products, like the milk and curd as these could accumulate mucous in the throat which will increase your snoring.

Another remedy is to use peppermint mouth wash because these could shrink the swollen tissues of nostrils and throat thus relieving the blockage.

Singing is another snoring remedy because this will enhance the muscle control of throat and palate. Always try to keep your nasal passages clean by using either plain water or nasal decongestants so as to avoid the turbulent airflow.

How to Avoid Snoring For Good

If you are wondering how to avoid snoring, then by reading this article you will achieve 2 things. First of all, you will be empowered with knowledge and valuable information, secondly -you will learn to gain control over your snoring. And the best thing about these ideas is that they are easy and effective too.

Stay Away From Alcoholic Beverages before Sleeping

If they say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away then limiting or cutting back on your intake of alcohol will definitely keep your snoring out for good as well. 

Alcohol has particular effects that lead to an enhanced relaxation and loss of tone of the muscles while you sleep. This causes the tongue, palate, pharynx and muscles of throat to relax which results in collapse of your airways. Now the inhaled and the exhaled air is forced to pass through this narrowed down opening, and hence causes far greater soft tissue vibrations leading to snoring sounds.

If you really need to indulge in a couple of glasses of alcohol then make sure you do not drink after evening, so that you have a lot of time before bed time and need not sleep immediately after consumption of these beverages.

Watch Out for Your Sleeping Position

Simple as it may be, but if you want to know how to avoid snoring then your sleep positioning may hold the answer. 

Try sleeping on your side instead of lying on your back and observe your room mate the following morning. If she or he greets you with a smile (which may take you aback with surprise) then you have discovered the trick for solving your snoring problems. This is proven to be effective.

If you find this task quite problematic since you may not be able to monitor your position while you sleep then you may try the tennis ball trick. Don’t worry, you will not need to engulf any tennis balls instead all you need to do is to tape a couple of these at the back of your pajama tops. For more permanent solutions, you may even take time to sew a sock at the back of your pajama so you can place these tennis balls in there. This is an effective reminder for you not to sleep on your back because it will create a very uncomfortable feeling for you which will then force you to sleep on your side. Sooner or later, your body will develop the habit of sleeping on your side.

If this technique still won’t work then try wearing a backpack with towels in it. These may not be uncomfortable as the tennis balls but it will send signals to your brain that lying on your back is not that perfect while you sleep.

Proper Eating Habits and Diet Control

Refrain from eating too much before going to sleep. It would be helpful if you can refrain from eating after six or seven in the evening to allow sufficient time for the stomach to digest food.

Use nasal Decongestants

Eucalyptus oil is an excellent nasal decongestant. You can either sprinkle a few drops of eucalyptus oil on your pillow or apply some of this oil around your nose and throat. Another option is to use a cup of hot water mixed with a drop or two of eucalyptus oil in it, to gargle your throat. 

All of these tips on how to avoid snoring are useful in your quest to end your snoring problems for good. You may try other available methods at your disposal but always take time to seek assistance from your physician to confirm its safety and effectiveness.


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