Snoring Remedies and Solutions

After a hard day of work, everyone would want to have a good night sleep. Unfortunately it is not possible for many people because they have to put up with the sound of snoring. Inadequate sleep can cause tiredness, difficulty in concentrating and frustration.  It can even lead to problems in a relationship. When we are asleep, the airway sometimes tightens and as air passes through this narrow opening, it leads to vibrations of the soft tissues of the throat causing the snoring sound.

Fortunately there are several remedies and solutions that can help to reduce snoring or completely put an end to snoring. These solutions vary from fairly simple ones to very complicated ones. However, the first step is to determine the actual cause of snoring. A few of the snoring remedies and solutions are listed below.

• Try changing the sleeping position. Sleeping on the side helps to reduce snoring.

• Losing weight can reduce the fat in the throat tissue and decrease the intensity of snoring.

• Quitting smoking can help to reduce snoring. Smoking irritates the membranes in the nose and throat, causing blockage in the airway.

• Nasal congestion can cause snoring as it makes breathing difficult. Clearing nasal passages can be done by steam inhalation, by using nasal strips or by using saline nasal spray.• Following a regular sleeping pattern allows getting better sleep and minimizing snoring.

• Keeping your head in an elevated position while sleeping can reduce snoring. This can be achieved by using a thicker pillow or by using multiple pillows.

• If the air in your bedroom is dry, it can irritate the membranes in the nose and throat, and cause snoring. This can be prevented by using a humidifier which will keep the bedroom air moist.

• Snoring can be reduced to a great extent if you avoid the intake of certain things before bedtime such as alcohol, dairy products, excess food, caffeine, sleeping pills and other foods that relaxes the throat muscles.

• Attaching a tennis ball to your back will make it uncomfortable for you to sleep on your back. As a result you tend to sleep on your side and this can reduce snoring.

• Use of nasal devices such as nasal strips, nasal sprays, nasal clips and nasal braces helps to open the nasal passage to ensure unobstructed breathing.

• Anti snoring pills are available for reducing snoring.

• Most of the time snoring is caused when the person breathes through the mouth. So keeping the mouth closed while sleeping is another option. This can be done with the help of chin straps that can be worn over the chin and head.

• Another anti snoring device that is widely used is the Mandibular advancement splint. The device is fixed on both the lower and upper teeth. It brings the lower jaw slightly forward and thus reduces the air pressure in the passage. This will help decrease the vibrations of the soft tissues of the throat and reduce snoring.Even though there are many snoring remedies, a majority of them are found to work on some people while they may not have any effect on some people. There are some cases where none of the remedies will work and for such people surgery is the only option. Whatever be the case, it would be better to first consult a doctor and find out the cause of snoring before turning to the remedies and solutions.